Raspberry Pi 3 Model B vs. Orange Pi Plus 2 vs. Orange Pi Plus

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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B  
Raspberry Pi Foundation
Orange Pi Plus 2  
XunLong Software
Orange Pi Plus  
XunLong Software
Thumbnail for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Thumbnail for Orange Pi Plus 2 Thumbnail for Orange Pi Plus
SoC Broadcom BCM2837 AllWinner H3 Allwinner H3
Primary processor
ARM Cortex-A53 (64-bit)
1.2GHz quad core
ARM Cortex-A7 (32-bit)
1.6GHz quad core
ARM Cortex-A7 (32-bit)
1.536GHz quad core
GPU VideoCore IVMali-400 MP2MP400MP2
RAM size 1GB2GB1GB
Built-in RAM
Internal storage 16GB8GB
Removable storage MicroSD MicroSD MicroSD
m.2 interface(s)
m.2 NVMe support
USB host 444
USB version
Ethernet 1 port
Type: 10/100
1 port
Type: Gigabit
1 port
Type: Gigabit
Composite video (CVBS)
Display interfaces MIPI DSI
Camera interfaces 111
Audio output
Audio connector 3.5mm jack3.5mm jack3.5mm jack
HDMI audio
Line input
Mic input
Onboard mic
IR sensor
WiFi 802.11b/g/nIEEE 802.11 b/g/n802.11n
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.1
GPIO 404040
PWM 111
I2C 112
SPI 111
UART 112
RS232 (or 485 or 422)
Arduino shield support
RPi shield support
Input power, voltage 4.8V - 5.2V5V5V - 5.2V
Input power, current 600mA - 1.6A1A - 3A400mA - 800mA
Linux support yesyesyes
Android support Android
Windows support Windows 10
Other supported OSes
Size (mm) 85 x 56 x 20108 x 67 x 1560 x 108 x 20
Weight (g) 455250
Operating temperature 0 °C – 45 °C?-10 °C – 75 °C
Price $35$49$49

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