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GW5910, from Gateworks -- The GW5910 is a compact SBC designed for IoT Gateway applications, based on an NXP dual-core i.MX6 SoC, and featuring Mini-PCIe and microSD sockets, GbE, WiFi, Bluetooth, and sub-1GHz wireless.

6502 MicroSoM, from Inforce -- The 6502 Micro SoM is based on a 2.2GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 SoC, and features 3GB/32GB RAM/eMMC, microSD, 2x USB, [email protected] display, dual DSI and CSI ports, plus WiFi, BT, and GPS wireless functions, and offers optional -25 to 85 deg. C operation.

SOM-RK3399, from FriendlyElec -- The SOM-RK3399 is a 70 x 50mm system-on-module based on Rockchip's 64-bit hexa-core RK3399 SoC. The standard board includes 2GB RAM, 16GB flash, plus onboard 2x2 MIMO dual-antenna WiFi, has USB-C power and display ports, and is usable without a baseboard.

Rock Pi S, from Radxa -- The Rock Pi S is a new very small SBC of the Rock Pi family, based on the Rockchip 64-bit Linux friendly RK3308 SoC and targeting IoT and audio applications. It includes on-board WiFi/BT wireless.

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, from Raspberry Pi Foundation -- Raspberry Pi 4 is based on a Broadcom quad-core, 1.5GHz Cortex-A72 BCM2711B0 SoC and offers up to 4GB RAM, dual 4K micro-HDMI ports, full-speed GbE, WiFi/BT, and the usual 40-pin RPi GPIO.

Open-Q 820Pro, from Intrinsyc -- The tiny Open-Q 820Pro SoM integrates Qualcomm's 2.3 GHz-clocked Snapdragon 820E SoC along with 4GB RAM and 32GB flash, WiFi and BT wireless, and I/O including MIPI-DSI, MIPI-CSI, USB, PCIe, and GPIO. It supports -10 to 70°C operation.

MYC-JX8MX, from MYIR Tech -- The MYC-JX8MX CPU Module is based on NXP i.MX 8M Quad processor featuring 1.3GHz quad ARM Cortex-A53 cores and a real-time ARM Cortex-M4 co-processor.

Conga-SMX8, from Congatec -- The Conga-SMX8 is a SMARC 2.0 module based on a choice of NXP i.MX8 SoCs, with up to 8GB RAM and 16GB eMMC, plus I/O including SATA, SDIO, HDMI, eDP, MIPI-DSI, LVDS, MIPI-CSI, GbE, USB, UART, I2C, QSPI, and PCIe, and optional -40 to 85°C operation.

Jetson Nano Developer Kit, from Nvidia -- The Jetson Nano Developer Kit is a compact, powerful sandwich-style SBC, based on the Jetson Nano SoM. The kit lets you run multiple neural networks in parallel for applications like image classification, object detection, segmentation, and speech processing.

Khadas VIM3, from Khadas -- The Khadas VIM3 SBC is based on a 2.2GHz hexacore Amlogic A311D SoC, and matches the form-factor of the company's VIM1 and VIM2 SBCs. Features include up to 4GB RAM and 32GB eMMC, TF slot, HDMI, MIPI-DSI, touch-panel interface, WiFi, BT, GbE, USB, ADC, accelerometer, 40-pin expansion and more.

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