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Open-Q 845 uSoM, from Intrinsyc -- The tiny Open-Q 845 uSOM ("micro-SOM") integrates a Snapdragon SDA845 SoC, with Qualcomm's 3rd-Gen AI, Spectra ISP, octacore Kryo CPU, Hexagon DSP, and a dedicated secure processor. It includes 4x camera, 2x USB3.1, and 1x Gen3 PCIe interfaces, and targets robotics, drones, cameras, and embedded IoT.

UDOO X86 II, from SECO -- The UDOO X86 II integrates a quad-core 64-bit Intel Braswell SoC and supports up to 8GB RAM and 32GB eMMC. I/O includes support for 3x simultaneous displays; USB, GbE and WiFi/BT connectivity; SATA, M.2, and micro-SD expansion; plus an Arduino Leonardo compatible MCU and expansion.

PICO-PI-IMX8M, from TechNexion -- A Raspberry Pi-like development board based on TechNexion's PICO-IMX8M SoM. Features 4GB RAM and 16GB eMMC, plus WiFi and BT wireless, and connectors for GbE, HDMI, CSI, USB, and SDIO. Also provides Raspberry Pi compatible expansion.

PICO-IMX8M, from TechNexion -- The PICO-IMX8M SoM is based on NXP's i.MX8M SoCs, with up to 4x ARM Cortex-A53 cores plus a Cortex-M4. It features up to 4GB RAM and 128GB eMMC, and I/O including USB, SDIO, audio, 4K video, camera, RGMII, WiFi/BT, and various GPIOs.

Teensy 4.0, from Teensy -- Teensy 4.0 is the latest member of the 1.4 by 0.7 inch Teensy MCU module family. It's based on a 600MHz Cortex-M7 and features 1MB RAM, 2MB flash, plus an extensive set of both digital and ADC I/O, and it can be programmed using the Arduino IDE.

Habanero, from 8devices -- Habanero integrates Qualcomm's IPQ4019 SoC, featuring a quad-core Cortex-A7 CPU, NEON, and FPU. It targets router, gateway, and access point applications, and includes a dual-band concurrent radio with 802.11ac Wave2 technology (2x2 MiMo), plus 5x GbE, 1x USB3, 1x USB2, and extensive GPIO.

Rock Pi X, from Radxa -- Rock Pi X, based on a 1.84GHz quad-core Intel Atom x5- Z8300, is the new X86 product line from Radxa. Available with 1GB/2GB/4GB built-in RAM, as well as an optional WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth 4.2 LE controller.

ZeroPi, from FriendlyElec -- The ZeroPi is a tiny (40 x 40 mm), low cost, headless open-source SBC based on the 1.2GHz quad-core Allwinner H3 SoC along with 512MB RAM, and offering GbE, USB 2.0, MicroSD expansion, and a debug serial port.

i.MX8M Mini SOM, from SolidRun -- The i.MX8M Mini SOM features NXP's 1.8GHz i.MX8M Mini SoC with up to 4x ARM Cortex A53 cores, along with Gyrfalcon's Lightspeeur 2803S Neural Accelerator chip, and targets next-generation Edge AI applications developed using the TensorFlow, Caffe, and PyTorch development frameworks.

GW5913, from Gateworks -- The GW5913 is a tiny SBC based on NXP's 800MHz dual-core i.MX6 SoC, along with 512MB RAM and 256MB flash. Its I/O includes Ethernet, mini-PCIe (with nanoSIM support), and an expansion header with USB 2.0, UART, digital I/O, analog input, UART, and I2C.

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