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Kettlepop, from Source Parts -- A limited edition derivative of the C.H.I.P Pro computer-on-module, based on the 1GHz-clocked Cortex-A8 based GR8 SiP, and featuring 256MB RAM, 8GB to 128GB eMMC, and WiFi/Bluetooth wireless.

ODROID-N2, from Hardkernel -- ODROID-N2 is a new generation single board computer that is more powerful, more stable, and faster performing than the older N1. The main CPU of the N2 is based on big.Little architecture which integrates a quad-core ARM Cortex-A73 CPU cluster and a dual core Cortex-A53 cluster with a new generation Mali-G52 GPU.

Jetson Nano, from Nvidia -- The 70 x 45mm Jetson Nano system-on-module (SoM) is the smallest Nvidia Jetson module. The module offers 472 GFLOPs performance and targets "applications like entry-level Network Video Recorders (NVRs), home robots, and intelligent gateways with full analytics capabilities." A Jetson Nano Developer Kit that includes the Nano SoM is also available.

UP Xtreme, from Aaeon -- The UP Xtreme is a 120 x 120mm SBC based on Intel's dual/quad-core Core i3/i5/i7 SoCs clocked at up to 4.6GHz. Options for up to 16GB RAM and 128GB eMMC on-board, and numerous expansion interfaces including SATA, GbE, HDMI/DP, audio, mini-PCIe, SIM, ADC, and more.

MYD-Y6ULX development board, from MYIR Tech -- The MYD-Y6ULX development board integrates MYIR's NXP i.MX6UL/ULL-based MYC-Y6ULX SoM. The baseboard provides connectors and headers for a wide range of interface signals, including serial, USB, Ethernet, CAN, MicroSD, WiFi module, LCD, camera, audio, and GPIO, plus support for USB-based 4G LTE modules.

MYC-Y6ULX CPU Module, from MYIR Tech -- The MYC-Y6ULX is a 37 x 39mm module based on the NXP 528MHz-clocked i.MX 6UltraLite or 6ULL ARM Cortex-A7 SoCs and 256 or 512MB DDR3 plus 256MB NAND or 4GB eMMC flash storage. The module runs Linux and optionally supports -40 to 85° C operation. An MYD-Y6ULX development board based on the MYC-Y6ULX module is also available.

820 Nano SOM, from Mistral -- The Snapdragon 820-based 820 Nano SOM is aimed at advanced smart gadgets requiring small size and high processing power.

Piconium, from Embedded Now -- The Piconium is a high-performance single board computer based on the Intel chipset. It is suitable for industrial and commercial products.

OSD32MP15x SiP, from Octavo Systems -- The OSD32MP15x is an 18 x 18mm SiP (system-in-package) that integrates an STMicroelectronics STM32MP1 SoC, DDR3, EEPROM, oscillator, and more than 100 passive components in a chip-like BGA package. I/O includes SDIO, display, SPDIF, GbE, USB, GPIO, analog, and more.

UCM-iMX8M-Mini, from Compulab -- The Compulab UCM-iMX8M-Mini is a 28 x 38mm SoM based on NXP's dual- or quad-core, 1.8GHz i.MX8M SoC. It comes with up to 4GB RAM and 64GB eMMC, and integrates GbE, WiFi, and BT connectivity, multiple USB and UART ports plus GPIO lines, and MIPI-DSI and MIPI-CSI display and camera interfaces. Three temperature ranges are supported, up to -40 to 85° C, and there's also an optional 118 x 118mm carrier board.