CubieTruck Plus (Cubieboard 5)

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  Manufacturer:  Cubietech
  Official website:  Visit
  Category:  Single board computer
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Product Description

CubieTruck Plus is the fifth board of the successful CubieBoard series, which offers very high performance and lots of features in a fairly small form factor. Here are some of the most interesting features the official page reports:

  • Subboard support Raid
    CubieTruck Plus can be connected directly to the SATA hard disk, but also can be built to a dual hard disk array by HDD-RAID subboard which transformed from USB3.0/SATA III to Dual SATA III interfaces. HDD can be configured as 4 modes : RAID0, RAID1, JOBD, PM. Due to its rich Raid modes, people can improve the transmission rate and the safety of data redundancy. This configration can be widely used in these occasions for big data capacity, especially high data security.

  • Dual display and simultaneous display
    CubieTruck Plus supports DP (Display Port) and HDMI display solutions, and supports dual display and simultaneous display (two screens show the same picture at the same time), also suppor

Product Specifications

Manufacturer Cubietech
SoC AllWinner H8
CPU ARM Cortex-A7 (32-bit)
2GHz octa core
GPU (graphics): PowerVR SGX544
MCU (real-time):
FPGA (gates):
NPU (neural):
Size: 2GB
Built-in / external:   Built-in
Type (e.g. DDR3): DDR3
Speed: ?
ECC support:
Internal storage
Size: 8GB
Built-in / optional:   Built-in
Type: eMMC
Removable storage MicroSD card slot
m.2 interface(s)
m.2 NVMe support
USB host ports 1x
Type: 2.0
USB OTG ports
SATA interfaces 1x
Ethernet interfaces 1x
Type: Gigabit
Wake-on-LAN    Not supported
HDMI ports 1x
Version: ?
Max. resolution: ?
Audio support:
Composite video (CVBS)
Other display interfaces
Camera interfaces (CSI, DVP...)   2x
Type: CSI
Audio output
Analog outputs: 1x (via 3.5mm jack)
Via HDMI:   Supported
I2S: 1x
Audio input
Line inputs: 1x
Mic inputs: 1x
Onboard mic: (1 mic)
IR receiver
Wireless connectivity
WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n (dual band)
Bluetooth: 4.0
Other I/O
GPIO: 70x
ADC: 1x
PWM: 1x
SPI: 1x
I2C: 1x
UART: 1x
RS232 (or 485 or 422):
Arduino shield support    No
Raspberry Pi shield support    No
96boards compliance    None
Real time clock (RTC)
Other features
System Memory 2GB RAM (4x H5TQ4G63AFR-PCB DDR3 chips)
Storage FORESEE eMMC or NAND flash + micro SD card slot + SATA port (via GL830 USB 2.0 to SATA bridge)
Video Output HDMI and DisplayPort
Connectivity Gigabit Ethernet (RTL8211E), dual band WiFi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0 (AP6330 module)
Size 110 x 80 x 14mm
Weight ?
Power Input voltage: 5V
Input current: 2A - 3A
(power management controllers)
Lithium battery support ?
Operating temperature ?
Price (USD)
(Note: likely to vary)
Linux support    yes
Android support    Android 4.4.4
Supported Windows OSes
   Not supported (or unknown)
Other supported OSes
   Not supported (or unknown)