TSCM 283

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  Model code: 37‑000702‑330
  Manufacturer: Technical Solutions Inc.
  Official website: Visit (new tab)
  Category:  SoM / modules
  Date added: 2018/03/16

Product description:

Techsol's TSCM (Touch Screen Computer Module) is the lower-cost successor to the popular Medallion CPU modules. It features direct-wire to various LCDs (RGB), touch-screens (RTP) and Ethernet connectors (RJ-45 with integrated magnetics and LEDs).
Every unit is pre-loaded with Linux and tested before shipping.
Medallion Linux includes a default graphics stack with GTK and Python (featuring PyGTK), plus Qt Embedded, XORG and other options.

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Filter table:
Manufacturer Technical Solutions Inc.
SoC NXP nee FreeScale nee Motorola i.MX283
CPU ARM 926ejs (32-bit)
454MHz single core
Co-processing units
GPU (graphics):
MCU (real-time):
FPGA (gates):
NPU (neural):
Size 128MB
Built-in / External:   Built-in
Type (e.g. DDR3): DDR2
Speed: ?
ECC (error correcting) RAM:
Internal storage
Size 128MB
Built-in / optional:   Built-in
Type: NAND
eMMC slots
SD card MicroSD card slot, up to 128GB
USB host 2 USB ports
Type: 2
Ethernet 1 port
Type: 10/100
Wake-on-LAN    Supported
Composite video (CVBS)
Display interfaces (LVDS, DSI...)   RGB Parallel in 18-bit (AKA 6-bit RGB) or 16-bit colour or 8-bit mono
Camera interfaces (CSI, DVP...)
Audio output
Analog output: 2x (unknown port)
I2S: x1
Audio input
Line input: x2
Mic input: x1
Onboard mic:
IR receiver
Wireless connectivity
Mobile broadband:
Other I/O
GPIO: x8
ADC: x2
SPI: x1
I2C: x2
UART: x2
Arduino shield support    Not compatible.
Raspberry Pi shield support    Not compatible.
96boards compliance    None
Real time clock (RTC)
Other interfaces
Included drivers:
all the on-board peripherals
Linux framebuffer
Qt Embedded
X11 (Xorg)
Audio Play and Record programs
file systems
Mass Storage Devices
Human Interface Devices
text input devices, such as keyboards
pointing devices, such as mice and trackballs
USB Gadget
Size 80mm x 60mm x 5mm
Weight ?
Power Input voltage: 3V - 3.6V
Power consumption: 5mA - 300mA
PMIC/PMU (power management) On board power-supplies: 2.4v, 1.8v, 1.2v included
Lithium battery support Charger and power-supplies for 3.7V Li-Ion
Operating temperature -40°C to 75°C
Price (might vary over time)
Android support    2.6.7
Windows support    Not supported
Certifications RoHS, used in many products achieving FCC & CE with plastic enclosure

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